Mommysitting / LiveCam

Qabeelat Madinatayn offers the famously FREE service called ‘Mommysitting’. In Mommy-sitting, parents are responsible for their own children in a private room with HIGH QUALITY live audio/video feed. Regardless of it’s name, this room is certainly not just for mothers but for both parents. This allows moms/dads to tag team so that each one can benefit from sitting in the main lecture hall for some time to have the full class experience
We offer a quality live video feed with the audio turned up so it is loud enough so parents can hear, even with the kids in the room. This is not Babysitting, and the expectation is that parents are taking care of their own children at all times. All children in this room need to be supervised by their own parents, either both or at least one parent. 
This is a separate room or hall and depending on the physical venue for each class the size of this room can be different. In some cases if we have a 350 person room for the main hall, the Mommysitting room is twice as big with a 650 person capacity. In other cases it might be just as big as the main hall, and in some other cases it might be slightly larger classroom. Please contact us at for any questions or feedback regarding this service.