Arts of Manners taught by Ustadh Majed Mahmood


Aof Manners Sold out

In this seminar, learn the Art of Manners with ALLAH…

The etiquette of making Dua, how to approach Salah, how to behave after you’ve given Zakat, what to do in Tahajjud, how to increase in sincerity (Ikhlas), and more eye-opening etiquettes!

…the Art of Manners with OTHERS…

The etiquettes with family, teachers, neighbours, clients, etc, discovering the etiquettes with ANIMALS, how to control temptation to backbite and gossip, how to control temptations of zinah (adultery), social media… ‘nuff said… and more shocking etiquettes we fail to recognize

…and the Art of Manners with YOURSELF…

How to control weaknesses and overcome shortcomings, how to attain inner peace and boost self-esteem, how to eradicate jealousy, anger, hate, and laziness, how to attain honesty, patience, mercy, justice, and modesty & build the tools for sustained motivation